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Acorn Computer Systems
Acorn Computer’s Brief Timeline
November 1978
Hermann Hauser & Chris Curry register & launch Acorn Computers Ltd
March 1979
Acorn System 1 Launched
1979 - 1980
Acorn Systems 2-4 Launched
Acorn System 5 Launched
March 1980
Acorn Atom  Launched
November 1981
BBC Micro Models A & B Launched
August 1983
Acorn Electron Launched
BBC Micro Model B+ Launched
Acorn Business Machines Range (Inc Cambridge Workstation) Launched
January 1986
BBC Master 128 Launched
September 1986
BBC Master Compact Launched
ARM Second Processor Launched
Acorn Archimedes A305, A310, A440 Launched
January 1989
Acorn R140 UNIX Workstation Launched
April 1989
Acorn RiscOS 2 Launched
May/July 1989
A3000, A410/1, A420/1, A440/1 Launched
June 1990
Acorn R260 & R225 UNIX Workstations Launched
October 1990
Acorn A540 Launched
ARM Ltd Becomes an Independent Company.
November 1991
Acorn A5000 (First RiscOS 3 Machine) Launched
June 1992
Acorn A4 Portable Launched
August 1992
Acorn A3010, A3020, A4000 & Pocket Book Launched. A5000 Enhanced Launched
September 1993
Acorn A5000 Alpha Variant Launched
April 1994
Acorn RISC PC 600 with RiscOS 3.5 Launched
August 1994
Acorn Online Media Formed
March 1995
First StrongARM RISC PC Processor Card Powered Up
July 1995
Acorn RISC PC 700 & A7000 Launched with RiscOS 3.6
Acorn & Apple Launch Xemplar Education
August 1996
Acorn Network Computer launched by Acorn Network Computing; Set-top box 2 launched by AOM; Stork & NewsPAD launched by ART
September 1996
Acorn StrongARM RISC PC launched with RiscOS 3.7
October 1996
Acorn Pocketbook II Launched
May 1997
Acorn A7000+ Launched
September 1997
Acorn StrongARM RISC PC alpha Variant; Acorn Netstation  Launched
ARM Ltd Floated on the stock market for £1 Billion
September 1998
Pheobe (Later Pheobe 2100) Announced; Acorn Workstations Division Disbanded;
Acorn re-brands as Element 14 and shifts corporate focus
July 1999
RiscOS 4 released by RISCOS Ltd